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1. Name- Leon Goolsby III

2. Age- 119 in dog years

3. Location- Manchester CT

4. Year riden- 3

5. Kind of frame- Standard STA 500

6. Parts? S&M, Profile, Sunringle and Primo

7. Fav bands- Pantera, Canibus and some good old Metallica

8. Fav videos- Beetle Juice

9. Do you like tacos? I GOT PLENTY YOU WANT SOME?

10. Best/fav trick- One footed x-ups

11. Street/dirt/ramps- All

12. Fav riden spot- Anywhere that has good riden

13. Whats better: style, burliness or tricks? Stylish tricks

14. Dickinthebuttmakeyoudeaf??? I can't hear you

15. Who influences you in you riden?- Everyone I have riden with and keeps on riden

16. Riders you respect/look up to- Nate, Ben, Tom and anyone who loves to ride

17. Fav company- FUBU.......................Just kiddin

18. Anything you want to say?- I GOT PLENTY YOU WANT SOME?????

19. Eh cory?- Eh

20. Any thanks you wanna say to anyone?- Hows a boot........thanks to everyone!