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E.S. trails
  ok so now that ur here      well ryan and chris d have been busy     they built these insane trails that r unbelievable. i cant believe the place  i went there today and it is one of the illest places ive eva been    these photos dont justify the place .  infinite lines and  packs r goin up all ova the place all pics by tom except the 3 on the bottom that were taken by chris "d$" delude

ryan flattie on the 3rd set hip. this jump hips either ways to differnt packs

ok now follow these pics and this is the small set like u was riden em

4 pack       then-

berm then-

another 4 pack  both hips  then-

a table  thats gunna have a wallride on the side of it  cause theres 2 perfect trees right there for it     then another berm then-

more jumps bein built as u read this
ok this is the what the last picture looks like now a day later

this is gonna be a fun pack    this jumps like up to my chin with a 10ft gap with a like 6ft high atleast landin thats super step so youll have so much speed for the next one which goes over a tree! dope   more pics soon

me and ryan workin on the new pack  as seen in the last pic.  now that landin is over our heads and goes way under ground and its soo steep so well get so much speed off it to have monster jumps after it.  oh yea after the berm there will be another pack right next to this one and they will be transfer-able to this pack and vise versa. and then there will be another pack goin in and out of the 2 dope crazy action

chris d. cuttin down branches so we dont poke our eyes out or get killed on em
good job chris

i will have more pics when the jumps r done

ok this is the bigger pack. here we have the first  2 jumps kinda hard to see i know    then-

then a jump that hips 2 ways  to more jumps  on the right its another double then a berm then more jumps soon           on the left its another 4 pack  soon to be like a 10 pack or so     nasty!

ok i will have more pics of the jumps as soon as they r done

chris d with a dope table. he is there everyday buildin.  god bless him

more pics soon     cause im goin up tomorrow

mkay everyone  the big pack that u see farther up on this page is crazy. i havent seen it yewt but theres a big ass 6 pack and another pack even bigger ghoin in on the side  il go soon and get pics   here is 2 pics of dana on the 6 pack

ok notice the lip but ya cant see a landin. big!!

heres another

yep bigness

ben with a xup and a good view for u of the second set of the big rythmn.  just look at that landin.  huge