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name-ryan dehler

nicknames- ryan?????


frame-terrible one

parts-good ones if good means sucks then sure

trails,street,or ramps-dirt

best rider-tom


best trick-superdummy

fav trick out there-no foot to x or 360 turndown

why you ride-im a retard

fav video-road fools 4

fav tv show-dk dirt circuit

fav company-fbm,mutiny, and other stuff .. like gack

fav rider-ralph sinisi

fav place to ride-where evers good

any thanks-  i want my thanks to go to Tom for teaching me all this shit and Ryan A for teachin me no foot cans and supermans and chris D for building with me and dana for taking me to the parks and trails to ride

any last words?- "if it aint full bore then it aint bore at all!"