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NAME- Tom Barnhart

NICKNAMES-the dirty hessian, taj, peepin


FRAME-El Mutano  (Mutiny) its nice and rusty

PARTS-shitty stuff cause im too poor for anythin good but now i got a coo cassette hub.

TRAILS, STREET, OR RAMPS?- i do it all but mainly trails. when my axles arent broken i like to throw on some pegs and do some rails.lately ive been goin to skateparks too and i like to ride vert sometimes now too

WHOS THE BEST RIDER YOU KNOW?- everyone is the shit.

WHO YOU MOST RESPECT?-Lil jon cause hes always cool and Dana and Ryan and leon is the man

TRICKS, BURLYNESS, OR STYLE?- style definetly

BEST TRICK- uh tailwhips are my best prolly but turndowns are my favorites

FAVORITE TRICK OUT THERE?-uh them 360 lookbacks that mike aitken does  they rule

WHY YOU RIDE?cause its sweet

FAV BMX VIDEO- stock is a great film

FAV TV SHOW- definetly Buffy The Vampire Slayer  and the dark angel show is always dope

FAV COMPANY- anythin rider owned

FAV RIDER- taj is creative, garret is the shit, everyone is great

FAV PLACE TO RIDE- any good trails or a clean handrail that i can session for awhile

THANKS TO ANYONE?-  uh  hum   anyone who builds trails.  anyone who rides wiht us  or anyone who rides for that matter.   Dana for always riden with me and really being the person who got me into trails riden.   Ryan for learnin shit with me. Leon for riden with me up in manchester and pushin me to do new shit.  jon and jay for bein cool and given me a place to stay when i go up there.  chris at my local shop for always goin beyond to get me what i need and for always hookin me up with shit.  uh anyone else who i forgot sorry but u know who you are.  lata