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the dirty hessian (tom)

turndown on Dana's bike at hebron skateparkphoto-scott

this is an old picture.  me at p-paug with long hair doing a transfer from the middle pack to the big pack on the left.  it was a big gap and u had to go super fast to do it . photo-dana

wall ride at jaysphoto-jon

one foot flattie on a bowl  hip photo-dana

one foot can tryin to be as good as taj's photo-dwight

one foot 270 xup photo-leon

flattie on the big hip at tech photo-dana
old, mad shitty pic of me with a 360 flattie at tech trails when there was some fun shit there vidcap
i love flatties  photo-leon

invert on justins mini photo-kevin?

turndown air at justins photo-kevin

rail at a high school near me. its super easy. it only goes down like 6 steps in a 2 step flat 2 step flat 2 step pattern its cute photo-leon

no foot can photo-leon

unturndown without my dreads photo-laura?

xup air on the 8ft photo-kevin

gap to manual near UCONN photo-scott

i think this is a 360 at presicion. i dont remember photo-dana

icepic on the lil ass rail  that i didnt doubel peg. im gay photo-scott

flattie off the doubles in the cage at woodward photo-mario

me riden vert!  vert is sweet photo-my pops

yep rockin the left hand drive photo-dwight

bad photo of table in lot-8  at woodward photo-mario

flattie at impact photo-dwight

one foot xup at caseys trails photo-ryan

one hand xup at ppaug photo-ryan

turndown at ppaug photo-ryan

flattie at caseys photo-ryan

360 at p-paug photo-dana

invert at impact at some pretty good height out of a quarter photo-dwight

hopin ova on a tailwhip at p-paug photo-ryan

a picture i took of a video i got of me at woodward.  turndown hip transfer in the cement bowl vidcap

i like this no foot can picture photo-dana

xup at  p paug cause that place rules photo-dana

me  wit ryan followin me at E.S. trails photo-chris

no foot can at andrews house right before it got sold and they moved out photo-josh or joe  i duno they r twins

**shitty pic** me at woodward with a invert out of a 4ft mini. chris hallman was doing backflips over the spine on this mini. whateva. vidcap

taj rules